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We are excited to see that there is a community out there hungry for antifascist neofolk, we know that this is a critical point of antiracist struggle and that romantic art is critical for changing the world.

We want to continue expanding the work that we do here, and so we decided to start a“>Patreon to help us keep the lights on and the website up. The goal is to expand the website, help it get more designed, and eventually expand to a podcast and video series.

Become a Patron!

If you want to“>support us on Patreon, we are a part of the No Pasaran project, which is run by Shane Burley and will include original writing and podcasts about music and radical politics. Expect articles on antifascist organizing, exclusive interviews with bands, podcast talk, and a whole community of radical music fans sharing music and shit talking on a private Discord server just for us (as well as a new Reddit channel and the“>Patreon format).

Check us out here and we will be expanding more and more content. You can sign up for as little as $3 and we have interviews with bands coming up! And remember, always add the Antifascist neofolk playlist.

Become a Patron


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