New Split Album Preview from Aerial Ruin and Panopticon Released for Holidays

Two of our most championed musicians, Aerial Ruin and Panopticon, have released a preview of a brand new nine-track split on Bandcamp just in time for Yule. This is acoustic-leaning hill music, complete with the regional folk charm both are known for (This may be Panopticon at their most neofolk).

Check out the two tracks that are available to now (one from each) and pre-order the rest of the album, to be released on January 31st, 2020.

Track Listing

Aerial Ruin

    1. Sanguine of ail
    2. Lesser the blade
    3. The sea is now steam in mist of a scream
    4. Asempryean
    5. Epilogue Centari


  1. No Lines Away
  2. North Dakota (Chris Knight cover)
  3. Cold Cold World (Blaze Foley cover)
  4. The Pit

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